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Tailored protection of your intellectual property – for over 120 years

We have been prosecuting, defending and litigating your intellectual property – your ideas, innovations and technologies – for more than 120 years. Our highly specialized and experienced patent attorneys work hand-in-hand with you to develop custom-tailored solutions to effectively support you in achieving your goals of domestic and international intellectual property rights. We have been accompanying our clients for years and view ourselves as part of your team – with the common goal that your intellectual property sustainably offers you added economic value.

Decades of care

“The first brand in SSM’s history was registered in 1896 for the Stolzenberg company. One of our oldest and still active clients is Ricoh, for whom our law firm has been working since 1967. So this business relationship has existed for over 50 years.”


Further information about SSM

We offer highly qualified services in all matters of national and international intellectual property law.

Our competencies cover a wide range of technical fields and different industries. We also support you with in-depth research and expert opinions. Our many years of experience and the large number of granted patents are proof of our expertise in our field.

120 years of

experience. This makes us one of the most experienced IP law firms in Germany.

50k patents

we have successfully prosecuted and defended for our clients.

60 years

our longest business relationship has been existing.


SSM – serving our clients for over 120 years

In 1896, just 19 years after the first German patent act was passed in 1877, Bernhard Bomborn founded a law firm in Berlin. Our current SSM Sandmair Patentanwälte Rechtsanwalt Partnerschaft mbB developed from this law firm.

After 1945, the offices of the law firm were moved from Berlin to Munich, and from 1958 to 1967 the law firm was headed by Dr. Eule, Dr. Berg and Mr. Stapf. The firm’s recent history began in 1973 when Mr. Schwabe and Dr. Dr. Sandmair stepped into the firm as partners, renaming it to “Patentanwälte Dr. Berg, Dipl.-Ing. Stapf, Dipl.-Ing. Schwabe, Dr. Dr. Sandmair”.

In 1985 the firm was renamed Schwabe Sandmair Marx after Dr. Marx had joined the firm as a partner and Dr. Berg and Dipl.-Ing. Stapf retired.

In 2016, the law firm not only moved location within the city limits of Munich, but also changed the legal form of the law firm from a partnership under the civil code to a partnership with limited professional liability. The firm has been operating under its current name since 2018.


  • 1896

    Founding the company

    The office is founded in Berlin by patent attorney Bernhard Bomborn. On November 2, 1896, the oldest – still active – trademark represented by us, “Stolzenberger,” was registered with the then Imperial Patent Office.

  • 1945

    Relocation to Munich

    After the end of the Second World War, our firm moved to Munich.


  • 1958-1967

    Leadership change

    Our firm is continued in Munich and further developed by Dr. Eule, Dr. Berg and Mr. Stapf.

  • 1974

    Change in firm name

    Our firm is renamed under Dr. Berg, Mr. Stapf, Mr. Schwabe and Dr. Sandmair.


  • 1985

    Change in firm name

    The firm changes its name to Schwabe Sandmair Marx, due to entry of Dr. Marx.

  • 2010

    Change in firm name

    Our firm starts operating under the designation SSM Schwabe Sandmair Marx.


  • 2016

    Change of legal form and move

    Our office moves and the firm changes its legal form being registered under the name Schwabe Sandmair Marx Patentanwälte Rechtsanwalt Partnerschaft mbB.

  • 2018

    Change in firm name

    Our firm becomes SSM Sandmair Patentanwälte Rechtsanwalt Partnerschaft mbB.


  • Today

    A global law firm

    We continue to grow and develop, relying on a worldwide and permanent network. We protect your innovations and technologies and thus help to sustainably secure your economic success.


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