Fields of law

We offer you highly qualified services in all matters of domestic and international intellectual property law.


We have been protecting devices, products or processes as technical inventions for up to 20 years. We advise you on all legal and technical questions regarding patentability and accompany examination procedures before the European Patent Office, the German Patent and Trademark Office and numerous national patent offices. Our extensive international experience will always be of benefit to you particularly in the strategic planning of your patent portfolio.


We cover your name and logo with trademarks. This is how you manifest your unique selling proposition and prevent unauthorized use of your good name by third parties.


IP rights are infringed, attacked or used as a threat? We enforce your rights in German and European courts and offer support in proceedings worldwide.

Utility Models

A utility model can protect your invention for a maximum of 10 years by simply registering it. We prepare your utility model application and submit it for you to the German Patent and Trademark Office.


Design protection is an important asset of preventing product piracy and counterfeiting. We support you in Germany, the EU and worldwide to register, defend and enforce your right.


Licenses grant or receive permission to use or produce products that are protected by patents, trademarks, or designs. Build on our broad experience in this area – we draft custom- tailored and legally compliant license agreements for you.

Sectors advised by SSM

Our competencies cover a wide range of technical fields and different industries. We also support you with in-depth research and expert analysis.

Medical technology

Medical technology innovations require an above-average amount of research and development work, which should be protected early and comprehensively by patents.


Software can be patented if it solves a technical problem. Our patent attorneys, who are experienced in this technical area associated with special legal issues, extract the patentable aspects of your invention together with you. Our expertise extends to diverse areas of software technology and information and communication technology, including medical planning and navigation software, digital image processing, telecommunications, driver assistance, artificial intelligence and control programs.

Materials and Surface Science

Our experts in the field of materials and surface sciences have acquired the appropriate know-how through training, studies and many years of industry knowledge in order to exchange ideas with you individually and specifically and to provide you with comprehensive advice. We have special knowledge in the fields of chemical and physical surface treatment.

Mechanical Engineering

In order to obtain the best possible protection for an invention, our experts will help you to abstract your idea in the patent application in order to make it impossible for your competitor to copy it.

Electrical Engineering

Our experts have many years of industry experience in their respective specialist areas, in particular telecommunications, communications technology, electrical machines, measurement technology, microelectronics and high-frequency technology, control technology and information technology.


In the chemistry sector effective patent protection is essential. This is the only way to protect the technical lead and fend off imitators in order to regain the high costs of development and the construction of corresponding production facilities. We have special knowledge in the field of organometallic chemistry, chemical analysis, organic-synthetic chemistry and solid-phase synthesis.

Chemical and Process Engineering

If you have any questions about inventions in the field of process and process engineering, SSM offers you experienced and competent experts for all areas. We have experience in particle technology, among others.


If you have any questions about inventions in the field of mechanics, SSM has proven experts who will support you with their expertise individually and flexibly.


In addition to the technical qualification, the practical experience of our patent attorneys in the enforcement or defence of patents in the field of telecommunications is essential. Our patent attorneys, who specialize in this area, have practical experience in leading global companies. In the field of telecommunications, it is particularly important to align a company’s patent strategy with technical standards and to clarify questions about indirect patent infringements.


To cover all your questions about inventions with an optophysical background, patent attorneys with many years of experience are available, including in the fields of laser technology, colour measurement and sensor technology.


We work for you in all areas of modern physics: In the areas of semiconductor technology, optics, solid state physics, laser physics and geoexploration, we have decades of experience and support our well-known clients in all relevant questions.

Semiconductor Technology

We have competent lawyers for your concerns, inventions in all areas of electrical engineering and information technology. Our wealth of experience includes power electronics, high-frequency technology and semiconductor manufacturing.


Our specialists in thermodynamics and drive technology have many years of industry expertise and in-depth expertise to provide you with optimal support in protecting, enforcing or defending your requests.

Aerospace engineering

Our experts in this field have acquired the appropriate know-how through training and many years of industry knowledge to respond individually to your needs and to advise you.


Do you have questions about intellectual property prosecution or litigation or require advice? We look forward to hearing from you via our contact form, by phone or email.

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