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Wilm-Christian Haase

Dipl.-Chem., Dr. rer. nat.

Patent attorney
European Patent Attorney
European Trademark and Design Attorney
European Patent Litigator

Practice Area

General synthetic and organometallic chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical and cosmetic chemistry as well as petrochemicals, glass/glass ceramic technology, the automotive supply industry, adhesive chemistry, catalyst chemistry and plastics processing chemistry.


Wilm-Christian Haase studied general chemistry at the University of Bonn. He graduated in 1996 with a diploma and was awarded a Dr. rer. nat. (equivalent to PhD) in organometallic chemistry and organic synthesis. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, he deepened his knowledge of bioorganic, analytical and combinatorial chemistry through research in the field of solid phase oligosaccharide synthesis. Dr. Haase has been working in intellectual property since 2001. He has been a patent attorney since 2005 and has also been a European Patent Attorney (and a European trademark and design attorney) since 2004. In 2006 Dr. Haase joined our firm and became a partner in 2010.

A focus of Dr. Haase is the successful official representation of its clients in contentious proceedings such as patent appeals, trademark oppositions and appeals before the German and European authorities. Dr. Haase has extensive experience from successful patent nullity proceedings through all instances up to the German Federal Court of Justice as well as various proceedings (such as infringement or vindication due to illegal acquisition of patent rights) before the district and regional courts. He advises and represents medium-sized companies as well as groups from Germany and abroad on all questions of industrial property protection, including research on the state of the art, and has a network of foreign correspondent lawyers to successfully prosecute patent applications on international level, always being guided by the client’s individual needs.


  • Original Papers
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  • Reviews
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